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“At last, a book that actually helps show you how to live in a fast moving chemical age world! Janet Newman, Ph.D, explains the damages that hidden environmental toxins can do to your health, and how you can discover ways to reduce or eliminate their impact. Her book, “Living in the Chemical Age — How an Ounce of Prevention Can Protect Your Family From a World of Toxins” is informative and riveting from start to finish. Finally, a book that explains in easy to understand language, how the reader can quickly get clear, concise facts and statistics in one easy to read book. I have learned what doesn’t work and what really does work to finally help me live a longer, better, healthier life. She covers a myriad of topics on chronic diseases and how to slow down the aging process for a healthier productive life.” – Abe S.

“In LITCA, health conscious human and protective mom turned author Janet Newman speaks for humanity as she brings to light the myriad of ways in which chemicals insidiously penetrate our everyday lives. But what’s most crucial here is that she not only makes reader-beware, but provides valuable solutions/alternatives for healthy conscious living in a minefield of toxins. A must read for anyone living in the world today… that means everyone… and manufacturers—take note, LITCA is here to wake you up.” — Lynn I.

“I just finished reading your book and I thought it was fantastic! It was easy to read and follow and covered all aspects of life. Most of it was not new to me, but nowhere else have I seen everything covered so completely! Thank you for writing such a comprehensive book with strategies that are easy to implement!” — Leslie S.

Just finished reading your “Living in the Chemical Age” book (in one sitting!!)–Many thanks for your excellent compendium of the current state of our involuntary deep dive into the omnipresent toxic soup we are all surrounded with. Will be highly recommending this book to many of my chemically challenged clients as well as family and friends.  — George S.

“Living in the Chemical Age is a must read for anyone walking on planet Earth! Run, don’t walk, and get this book now!” — Julia H.

“I recently read LITCA. I thought it was amazingly eye-opening and informative. I hope Dr. Newman continues to write more books in the future.” — Poppy P.