Clearing out the Toxins in Your Environment: Featuring Janet Newman and Krisstina Wise

Discussing toxins on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast

Janet Newman, Ph.D, is the author of Living in the Chemical Age, where she dives deep to unearth and expose the many pervasive toxins that are prevalent throughout our environment, including the food we eat, the products we use to clean our homes and even the beds we sleep on and what you can do to decrease your exposure to these harmful chemicals.
After facing different health challenges seven to eight years ago, Janet wanted to learn more about the ailments that were causing her and her family to become so sick so they could all start feeling better. Through her research, she discovered that toxins, found just about everywhere, could either cause or exacerbate all of the ailments her family was suffering from.

By writing this book, Janet has not only helped her own family live less toxic lives, but she is shining a spotlight on a subject that does not get the attention it deserves.

Recorded April 20, 2018

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