Fearless Fabulous You: Featuring Janet Newman and Melanie Young

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On today's episode of Fearless Fabulous You, Melanie Young interviews Janet Newman about the chemicals in our environment and how they impact our health. The interview with Dr. Newman begins at 26:30. Recorded May 18, 2018 Get Janet’s new book Living in the Chemical Age on Amazon. Find out more at Living in the Chemical Age.

BrainTap Radio: Featuring Janet Newman and Dr. Patrick Porter

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On this week's episode of BrainTap Radio, we speak with Dr. Janet Newman about toxins in the body and how they can affect your health.Get Janet’s new book Living in the Chemical Age on Amazon.Find out more at Living in the Chemical Age. 

Author Hour: Featuring Janet Newman and Charlie Hoehn

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Janet Newman, author of Living in the Chemical Age, is a PHD who believes that more toxins are invading our lives than ever before and the best way to prevent harm is to avoid them. In our conversation, Janet (@drjanetnewman) tells us how we can live less polluted lives. We talk about the contaminants in our food,

Surviving Lyme in the Chemical Age: Featuring Janet Newman and Mackay Rippey

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   In this episode you will learn:The three places in your home you need to watch for toxinsWhy awareness is the best tool for keeping toxins out of your homeA few common sense tips on reducing your toxic load  Recorded April 24, 2018

Clearing out the Toxins in Your Environment: Featuring Janet Newman and Krisstina Wise

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Discussing toxins on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast Janet Newman, Ph.D, is the author of Living in the Chemical Age, where she dives deep to unearth and expose the many pervasive toxins that are prevalent throughout our environment, including the food we eat, the products we use to clean our homes and even the beds we