Decide to be on the wellness path for yourself and your family

The quest for wellness is a path lined with numerous choices and health trends, some better than others. While we all strive to be healthy, it is hard to know where to put our energy, time and money in order to get the best results. Many friends have told me over the years that they believe they’re eating a healthy diet because they’re vegetarian, they follow a low-carb approach, or they take a multivitamin. Others practice yoga daily, meditate, and shy away from anything that contains sugar. Yet many of these people, despite their efforts to be healthy, complained about nagging health symptoms. Some had migraine headaches every month, others complained of being overweight despite dieting and exercise, several had difficulty with infertility or complained of joint pain. And others had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and were given little hope of recovering. Is it possible that there could be a common denominator for all of these disparate ailments?

My research led me to the answer – yes. Perhaps these individuals aren’t living as healthy a life as they are hoping for, because they’re unaware that they have been exposed to hidden toxins that are sabotaging their health. Every day, we encounter dangerous toxins without knowing it. It isn’t our fault that we are exposed to these toxins, because they’re hidden all around us. Between federal regulations that are either weak to begin with or are riddled with loopholes, companies that spend millions of dollars in advertising, and lobbyists who are paid to strong-arm our government to look in the other direction, many of these toxins slide under the general public’s radar. But knowing how you and your family are being exposed is crucial for your health. Rest assured, it is achievable to take practical steps in your home and your community to reduce the toxic exposure to you and your loved ones and this book will show you how. 

Once you make the decision to reduce your chemical exposure, it helps to visualize a continuum, with wellness at one end and illness at the other. When you make the decision to be further toward the wellness end, it’s easier to make a conscious effort with all of your consumer habits and decisions. My first piece of advice to those who are seeking wellness is to begin reading ingredient labels on everything they’re consuming and are in contact with, including personal care products and cleaning products. Why? Because those ingredients with abbreviations or long names that are difficult to pronounce could be possible points of toxic exposure. If you’re struggling with aggravating health symptoms and you’re not achieving optimal results with your conventional doctor, then evaluating the numerous chemicals you’re exposed to may be your answer towards a healing solution.

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